Valentines Day is a special day and selecting the perfect Valentines gift for the significant others in our lives can be challenging. Yes, chocolate is always appropriate and welcome;) but what about companion gifts to the world’s favorite romantic, feel-good food? A piece of jewelry? Something new to wear? A vacation weekend or maybe just [...]

Chocolate Quote.

All I Want is a Chocolate Bar… Chocolate Quote

by admin on December 30, 2011

“All I want is PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING, and a chocolate bar BIGGER than my head.” – Author Unknown FYI… I have a very, very big head.

Chocolate has gotten a bad rap over for the past few years because of its high fat content, its many preservatives, and the fact that it can be loaded up with sugar. We’re here to tell you that not all chocolate is bad for you. In fact, chocolate can be a good way to boost [...]

“Chocolate doesn’t make the world go around. But it certainly makes the trip worthwhile.” – Author Unknown


6 Shockingly Evil Things about Sugar

by admin on November 15, 2011

As human beings, we are drawn to the tempting sweetness of sugar. It’s becoming increasingly clear by how much we consume in our diets. The American Dietetic Association said that Americans, on average, consume 22 teaspoons of added sugar daily. This amount is double the amount recommended daily by the American Heart Association. Here are [...]

“There’s nothing better than a good friend, EXCEPT a good friend with Chocolate.” – Linda Grayson