Chocolate on the HCG Diet?

by admin on November 14, 2009

The other day I was in my local Costco store doing one of the road shows that we often do in Costco’s in the West when a pretty blond woman approached. She smiled and asked me if I knew that our low carb, sugar free chocolate was terrific for HCG maintenance. Turns out she’s a nutritionist and teaches HCG Diet maintenance in our city. She invited us to her next class to sample her clients to whom she strongly endorses Amber Lyn sugar free chocolate because it’s so satisfying and yet so low in net carbs that her clients can indulge and still maintain their weight loss. It immediately reminded me of a conversation I had in early spring with Sherry Sorenson. Sherry is somehow connected to the HCG movement too and she related her story to me. In her words:

“I have had a lot of success using Amber Lyn Chocolate on my high protein HCG diet. It really helped me and the women I worked with. The feedback was that it was so satisfying. I personally lost 80 pounds. When I needed a little pick up I would break off a piece and feel satisfied. One of the women I worked with also lost 110 pounds using Amber Lyn chocolate along with the same high protein regimen. It was so rich and delicious and very satisfying even without all the sugar. It supported the weight loss process and maintenance in keeping the weight off for both men and women. Some women kept it their purse or car for a guilt free treat. It was great for a little pick me up and helped us through tough times. We had a lot of success. Amber Lyn chocolate helped us to stay on our diet.”

A bit closer to home is the experience of Lyman Peterson, the founder of Amber Lyn Chocolates. Earlier this year he lost over 70 pounds on the HCG diet. And yes, you guessed it. He often satisfied his craving for great chocolate with a chunk of his own creation. And by the way, he’s kept it off. A couple of weeks ago he came into my office carrying 20 or so Hawaiian shirts (his favorite). “Give these to anyone who wants them. They’re too big for me,” he said. Unfortunately they still fit me.

Isn’t modern day science wonderful? Who knew that you could eat premium chocolate almost every day and still lose weight.

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